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Create a custom HTML player

With Free Media Soft you can create a custom html5 player that will suit your site. Choose whether you want to show annotations, related videos, hide or keep controls, and a color of your player.

Select Video Time

In case you need to embed only part of a video on your blog, set the beginning time and the end time in the Time module. The code will be generated with these parameters. Thus when you insert a video on a website, it’ll play from a certain point.

Add Video in Any Format

It doesn’t matter if the YouTube video is in MP4, FLV, or any other format. You can input any video in HTML player absolutely free.

Choose Frame Size

You can insert a full-width video or change height and width of a clip to fit your page. Check the Ratio module to select 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, or custom ratio. For the latter one, select height and width.


Enable an autoplay mode to start the video playback when the page is loaded. You don't need to insert any settings in HTML code manually. Free Media Soft will do the job for you. Just generate and copy the ready code and embed it in any place you need.

Create Playlists on a Blog

You can embed as many videos as you wish. Create a playlist with your favorite music tracks or movies. Use high-quality Vevo videos for a music playlist.

Play Videos on Any Device

Make responsive YouTube videos with Free Media Soft. Copy YouTube link and set the necessary parameters to optimize your video. Copy and insert an HTML code into your web-page. Your visitors will be able to play the video on any device and in any browser. Play embedded videos on iPhone, Android, in Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.

Preview Videos

You can preview the videos right on Free Media Soft page before embedding it. If everything is OK, copy the generated code and put it onto your website.